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The Aspire Pockex is our biggest-selling starter kit.  Our customers love it for the same reasons we do – it’s reliable, straight-forward to operate and gives a great vape.  We sell more of these than all other kits put together..

Aspire have solved the leaking problems sometimes seen with other kits by positioning the air intake in the top of the device, above the juice…clever!

The kit comes with two 0.6 ohm coils (so it’s technically a ‘sub-ohm device), and, whilst it give off a good amount of vape, you won’t see the crazy clouds you might see with bigger devices.    Two coils should last most users about a month or so.  The result is a portable, reliable device that gives you a great ‘hit’ without being overly harsh, that can easily handle 70-30 PG/VG juice (so, pretty much any juice you like).

Spare tops can be bought for £5 as can spare tanks, in the event that your tanks gets broken.

As with all vaping devices, remember to prime the coil before you use it.   This simply means filling the device halfway, and then waiting for 10 minutes for the juice to soak into the wick-coil.   This needs to be done only with a new coil.  If you do not do this, you will be vaping on dry burning cotton (the dry wick), which is not pleasant – and you would then need to throw the juice away and replace the coil.

And as with most electronic cigarettes, the device can be turned on and off with 5 quick clicks of the button.  There is also a product manual supplied with the machine.

Here are the coils you will need.  You know when your device needs a new coil when your vape starts to taste bitter.

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