About Us

Welcome to the online store of Groovy Cigs  Please place your order here, or you can phone on our order hotline number: 07933 427 907 where you can also simply text your order to us.  Please remember to leave your full name and telephone number.  Delivery costs £3.99 or you can opt for click and collect.  If making a telephone order please indicate which option you would prefer.

We are here to guide you through the new and exciting world of vaping.  ‘Vaping’ means inhaling vapour (hence the name) from an electronic cigarette.  Nothing is lit.  There is no tobacco.  There is no smoke, only a harmless steam-like vapour.  There is no ‘second hand’ smoke, as there is no smoke at all.  Vaping is not a different kind of smoking, it is not smoking at all.  It is a different thing.

The company is run by Paul who has been active in the world of electric cigarettes for about ten years.   During that time, we have gleaned much experience, and we use and try all of our products before offering them for sale.  He is joined by Wayne who has been vaping for slightly less time, but has used vaping to eliminate nicotine addiction from his life completely.

Our experience enables us to offer you a range of superior goods from the best brands in the business, at a competitive price.

Take a look through our extensive range of juice- we are happy to guide you through the world of vaping.

You are about to enter a very friendly and exhilarating new world – we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

This is a growth industry.  It’s the fastest-growing industry in the world.  There are, at the time of writing, about 3 million vapers in the UK alone, and ecigs are universally acknowledged by the professionals to be safer than tobacco use

Join the revolution.

If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask. You can contact us on 02380 449054, or by emailing us at info@groovycigs.co.uk. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced at vaping, or you’re a complete newcomer and you need to understand the basics, we’re always happy to help.

Much of the time we will be able to set your kit up for you if you need our help. We also have a selection of our favourite juices, so you can see just how good vaping tastes.

Our Woolston store is located at 44 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9DX.

Opening times are 10am – 5:00pm Monday – Saturday, and closed on Sundays.

There is lots of lovely free parking at the back of this store too, off Woodley Road, which runs parallel to Victoria Road.