Popular Myths Exploded

A quick work about MTL (Mouth to Lung) kits vs DL (Direct-Lung) kits.  MTL simply means that you vape this e-cig as you would smoke a cigarette - that is, you take the vapour into your mouth and then take it back into your lungs.  DL means that you inhale directly into your lungs without pausing (this is what gives the big clouds).  Whether a kit is MTL or DL can be a bit confusing, because some kits (like the drag) can do both.   

Many people think that the resistance of the coil is what determines whether the kit is MTL or DL (that is, that 'sub-ohm' coils are necessary) but that's not really so.  Whether or not you can use a DL technique does not depend on the coil too much but rather the airflow and the size of the mouthpiece.  If you have a lot of airflow and a larger mouthpiece, the kit wants you to use a DL technique.  Of course, as a matter of fact, DL kits do use lower-resistance coils, but that does not mean you can't use an MTL technique.  Often this is possible but just closing down the airflow and lowering the wattage on variable-wattage devices.  So - sometimes you can DL on a small device, and sometimes you can MTL on a larger device, and the resistance of the coil is mostly irrelevant (although it is easier to DL on a low resistance coil)

Whilst on the subject of exploding popular myths, there is something to say about the whole VG/PG thaing...

VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are 'carriers' that help turn the eliquid into vapour.  VG gives smoothness and a bit more cloud (not as much as some people think), where PG gives more throat hit and flavour.  Most juice is a mix of the two.  Our 10 ml bottles are 60-40 VG/PG (70/30 vg-pg for Heisenberg and Pinkman (in 3 mg and 6 mg strengths) and all 3 ml strengths in other flavours) and most of the shortfills and shortz are 70% or 80% VG.

Many people think that if you use a high VG liquid you need to use a bigger kit with a lower-resistance coil.  I suppose this is what you might call a half-truth.  Whilst it is certainly true that bigger tanks with low-resistance coils give better results, these juices (shortfills and shortz) can quite happily be used in smaller kits.  I have been doing it for years!  I have also quite happily been using bigger kits with 10 ml bottles.  No problem!  Just bear in mind that with higher PG juices it's best to turn the wattage down on your device.

Also, you cannot necessarily tell whether a juice is high VG or not from the viscosity (thickness) of the liquid.  VG is thicker so when you roll the bottle around in your hand the  juice moves about more slowly.  But the juice may be runny not because it is high PG, but because it contains ionised water.  This is something some manufacturers do to save money.  Needless to say, this is not something you will find with our juice!

The upshot of all this is that you can pretty much use either DL or MTL with most coils, tanks and kits, and pretty much all juice with all kits.  The only real exception is that it is not going to be possible to DL on some MTL kits with high-resistance coils.  So, if you wish to 'DL' you're better sticking to a box kit.