Best Vape Shop Southampton

No matter where you go in the UK and around the world, there are tonnes of vape shops. We believe at Groovy Cigs, we are the best Vape Shop in Southampton. Why? Because we offer customer service that is second to none, knowledge on all of the products we sell, and best of all, a massive range of vaping products to buy from us online and in-store.

 best vaping shop in southhampton

Where to find the best vaping shop in southhampton?

We can found in Woolston a short walk from the City Centre. You can see what our shop looks like in our 365 view on Google Maps. 


44 Victoria Road, Woolston, 

Southampton, SO19 9DX.

United Kingdom

Woolston Groovycigs Vape Shop

We can be found in Woolston on the other side of the river of Ocean Village. Within walking distance of Southhampton City Centre. We stock a massive range of vaping products and in store and online. Some of our best selling brands include:

Vampire Vape

This is one of the best selling vaping products in the UK as well as at Groovy Cigs. We stock Vampire Vape products all year round. They are award-winning vape flavours in the UK.  They make the award winning Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours, their e-liquids are all fully TPD compliant and made in Britain using premium grade ingredients with full batch traceability. We sell all of the liquids at the lowest price in Southhampton so be sure to pick up a few today.

Best selling vaping product in southhampton

Groovy Juice

Our very our brand of liquids that we made specifically for vapers like us! Some of our most popular flavours are Groovy Mint Blast, this has a cool mint flavour that isnt too strong. Groovy Heizen is our take on Vamp's Heisenberg. It's the most popular flavour in the world.  We don't say our version is better.  What we do say is that, in a tasting test at our shop over three months, nobody was able to tell the difference! This stuff is fab, one of the most popular flavours we sell.  Try it.  In case you are one of the three people in the universe that hasn't tried it, it's essentially blueberry. Take a look at all of them here.

Groovy Juice


These products are part of the leading range of vaping products. They are also our top sellers for Pen Kits, they are great for first-time vapers or people that are changing over from smoking. They are easy to use, and it doesn't take a lot of getting used to. We highly recommend the Aspire PockeX Kit, it comes with everything you need to get started and it comes in range of different colours to suit your style. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch! We also have a useful video on how to use these kits!

best vaping products in Southhampton



These guys have been making vaping products since 2011 and have become one of the leading manufacturers in the UK and around the world. The design and technology has been patented so that no other companies can take their innovative designs. They are trusted worldwide as a premium brand of vaping products, and are known for their robustness and high-quality vape kits. They make all of their products with design and ease of use in mind, making Innokin one of the top brands for first time users and professionals. We have a number of Innokin products in stock online and in the store. View all of our products all


Among all of the vaping manufacturers, Vaporesso finds a way to stand out. Their designs are always unique and have a very sophisticated look and feel. If you are looking for stylish and high-quality looking vaping products then this is the brand for you! Amongst its innovations includes Insta-Fire which is a 0.001 second fire rate so that with every puff, you will receive fuller flavor and thicker cloud density. There is also the patented ‘press-to-fill’ system which is by far the simplest filling system amongst the competition. We have a range of products available from Vaporesso so please take a look!


Why is Groovy Cigs the best vaping shop in Southhampton

If you can't take our word for it then see all of the great views from our customers. We have a rating of 4.6 stars on Google, filled with amazing reviews from loyal customers who shop with us multiple times!

Amazing service. Friendly staff and very competitive prices.

J Harker

Great friendly service. Very knowledgeable about their products. Paul is incredible and always gives the best advice. You won't be disappointed!

Pack Buddies Doggy Daycare

Very helpful sorted me out with the best for e-cig for me.

Gave me lots of advice and set it up for me before I left the shop.

Open 7 days a week.....great.

P Watts

With all of these great reviews, why not give us a go as one of the best vaping shops in Southhampton. We offer a 10% discount for all new customers when they sign up to our newsletter or if you are a new customer talk to our chat bot!